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Welcome to LARED Brahman

The Brahman needs no introduction. It is known for its ability to excel in extensive circumstances in semi-arid and arid areas.

Our aim is to produce animals with good temperament, that are highly adaptable, structurally correct, fertile and mobile to combine with the above breed characteristics of the brahman.

The breeding program is continuously reviewed to ensure these key principles are achieved. The core of the LARED Brahman stud allows us to produce stud animals of exceptional quality on a regular basis.

This is reflected in our Show results.

New to LARED Brahman

As a leading Brahman stud breeder, we will introduce the first ever LARED Assurance Policy (The LARED DNA Fatherhood and Motherhood Seal - DNA-FM Seal - together with a Veterinary Certificate) as part of our breeding philosophy, which will accompany each and every individual animal (male or female), that will be sold on an auction and / or from the farm.

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Danie Botes
(+264)(0) 81 129 4105
What people say:
“I also want to breed outstanding cattle the way you did.”….outstanding bulls Hennie, Crespo, Smoke and Yster” V Mbapaha.