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About Us: About LARED Brahman
Lared Brahman

The name LARED stemmed from the initials of the first name of each member of the Botes family: Lu-Wayne (eldest son), Amore (Daughter), Rezando (Son), Elsa (Mom) and Daniel (Dad) – a truly passionate and close family.

The LARED Brahman stud was started in late 2004, after the family acquired the farm Ongoro Gotjari 173, Seeis District, Namibia in 2002. The first White Brahman cattle were purchased at the annual production auction of the well-known and Southern Africa Stud Breeder of the year 2004, Mr Jan en Irma van Zyl of Kroon Vee Brahman of Vryburg, South Africa.

An additional 20 females and an 18-month-old bull, DTO2-8, were purchased in February 2005 at the Whiteland’s Brahmans sell out. A few more females from various different Brahman studs were acquiring in order to broaden the genetic pool with the goal to start immediately with a selecting process of new-born calves.

The Botes Family

The Botes Family are passionate about Brahman cattle and are all involved in the stud. This is most evident during Shows and Auctions where the entire family can be seen working together and usually taking time off from work to do so!

Danie, Elsa, Lu-Wayne and Dalena Botes


The young bull DT02-8, a direct son of the legendary bull JDH 737, became the foundation herd sire of LARED Brahman. This bull, apart from being a Champion in both breeding and show in his own right, has laid a solid foundation to make the LARED Brahman successful. He has produced structurally correct animals, males and females, white/grey or red brahman with a great temperament, and many of them became breeding and show champions in their own right.

A certain Mr. Simon Hughes from South Africa, with his own marketing and auction company, help build and establish the LARED Brahman Stud from day one. As of today, Mr Hughes still provides advice and counsel to acquire the bloodlines we are interested in.

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“Sir Crespo the winning Breedplan Bull of 2007 qualified amongst the top three bulls in the world with a price tag of 150 000 Australian dollar (more less N$ 800 000 at the time). The bull will easily be amongst the top three bulls on any international show. A semen company to tap semen from the bull for the international market as soon as the Namibia protocol has been sorted out.” Agiforum - Mr Anthony Coats, a well-known international Australian Beef expert.