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About Us: DNA Testing
DNA Testing

Apart from breeding difficulties that we face every day, we also had our own problems with DNA testing, especially in our line breeding program where it became very difficult for the scientists and laboratories to determine the correct Sire of a calf. The main reason for all of this is that if there is no understanding and knowledge of the breeding philosophy, a lack of genetic markers taken into account, the age of a bull, contamination, etc, a stud breeder will have an uphill battle.

However, with the support of Dr Cindy Harper of Onderstepoort in Pretoria, we believe that we have successfully overcome this problem.

We believe that DNA testing of a herd Sire is only correct if his SIRE and DAM were DNA tested.

As a leading Brahman stud breeder, we will introduce the first ever LARED Assurance Policy (The LARED DNA Fatherhood and Motherhood Seal - DNA-FM Seal - together with a Veterinary Certificate) as part of our breeding philosophy, which will accompany each and every individual animal (male or female), that will be sold on an auction and / or from the farm.

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“...the LARED Brahman stud of Namibia is a leader when it comes to breeding” Mr Linde Du Plessis the cattle breeder of the year in South Africa for 2012.