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DB 06-36 - LARED Yster

Sugarata 09 x Intrepid 1701

Trait Leader on 200. 400 and 600 days

Exceptional bull with good muscling and structurally correct.

Sold to Hagen Eggert in 2009. He continues to use the bull in his Brahman stud with great success.

DB 08-33 - LARED Smoke

Kleinseun van JDH 737
Southern Africa Breedplan Bull of the year 2012 Senior Breed Champion 2012 and reserve Interbreed champion 2012

Son of Sir Crespo (DB0512) - Southern Africa Breedplan Bull 2007 Geteel uit Crespo (nommer) sy vader en JDH (nommer) sy oupa.

Die bul se kalwers is besonder en uitstekende gehalte.

DB 11-300 LARED Shephard

Lyn geteelde JDH737 & HS288 Sir Riza

Interbreed junior Bull 2014.

Current LARED Brahman main stud bull

DB 08-32 LARED Muntari

Sold to Mr & Mrs Albert Tjihero

BOS1117 son with excellent growth figures.

DB 05-12 LARED Sir Crespo

A JDH 737 Grandson and trait leader

The only bull that has won the Breedplan award twice - 2006 & 2007

Sold to Mr R Lemcke of Botswana in 2009

DB 10-239 LARED Bismarck

Senior and Breed Champion in 2013, while he was still a Junior

Sold to Mr Fanual Tjivau

JVZ 11-84 The Boss

8 x Loxacrara, 4 x HBS131 x HS882! Latest addition to the Lared Brahman stud! Check that pedigree!

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“Sir Crespo the winning Breedplan Bull of 2007 qualified amongst the top three bulls in the world with a price tag of 150 000 Australian dollar (more less N$ 800 000 at the time). The bull will easily be amongst the top three bulls on any international show. A semen company to tap semen from the bull for the international market as soon as the Namibia protocol has been sorted out.” Agiforum - Mr Anthony Coats, a well-known international Australian Beef expert.