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About Us: Breeding Philosophy
Breeding Philosophy

Although the Botes family had no experience in real farm life, not to mention cattle breeding – Daniel Botes, a very successful businessman, together with his family, had the passion and vision to breed world class Brahman in order to make the LARED Brahman a financially successful business.

Our breeding philosophy is to breed structurally correct Brahman through our line breeding program such as low birth EBV’s, 200- & 400-days growth EBV’s, fertility and milk, a flat and straight top-line, width, clean underline and sheath with a strong neck and muscular build and a high capacity in the hind quarter.

Apart from the vision and philosophy to be financially successful in our breeding program, we have realised that cattle breeding is a fine art. To see each new born calf arrive, develop, and grow with its own identity in the broader LARED Brahman Stud gives us a passion for our work.

Many committed hours, days and months spent on the breeding philosophy and selection processes have resulted in the Brahman cattle that we can offer successfully to any other stud breeder and/or commercial and/or communal farmer, namely medium size, structural sound, a better udder together with a thick hind quarter cattle.

With the success we gained amongst our White Brahman in our breeding philosophy, we have decided to use this blue print and to start breeding LARED Red’s Brahman cattle. In a very short period, we have managed to breed a high-quality Herd Sire out of our own few red brahman females.

However, we do know successful breeding is a long process and we will continue on this path with the LARED Reds.

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“You are my role model” , “You have high standards in the Brahman industry” , “It would be an honour to compete against guys like you” and that “ I know you would be proud if you see what I did with Crespo and Yster genes”. Brahman Breeder.